Covid Club Rides

To sustain interest in mountain biking during these non-social Coronavirus times, the Club is providing a series of interesting and rewarding routes within the Castlemaine region for people to ride and record. Once you have completed a particular ride we encourage you to send us your ride file (in gpx format) along with any feedback, comments or photos and we can upload them to our website.

In order to participate riders need to:

1. download the gpx file of the ride they wish to follow

2. record their ride (on one of the range of apps that feature GPS tracking)

3. email the .GPX file to the Club -

Your ride and times will then be logged on the website along with your comments, photos and rating.

Kids and families are also encouraged to nominate their favourite rides - as the only people currently permitted to ride in groups.

The first ride on offer is a loop of the water race, Forest Creek, Welsh Village and the Pineys.

Distance: 23km

Rating: Intermediate

GPX file: Download

Goldfields Loop