Dirt Crits

Mountain bike racing for all ages and abilities - selected Thursday evenings November-March

Entry fees

  • Seniors - $5 per race or $40 for the season
  • Juniors - free entry, gold coin donation

A valid MTBA license or $25 Day license is required. It's usually cheaper to become a Rocky Riders member than to buy day licenses.

Email us if you'd like any advice about buying your MTBA licence.

Junior Dirt Crits
Junior Dirt Crit startline action

Dates - Thursday evenings



ROUND 1 - 03/11/16(ITT)

ROUND 6 - 02/02/2017 (ITT)

ROUND 2 - 10/11/16

ROUND 7 - 09/02/2017

ROUND 3 - 17/11/16

ROUND 8 - 16/02/2017

ROUND 4 - 24/11/16

ROUND 9 - 23/02/2017

ROUND 5 - 01/12/16

ROUND 10 - 02/03/2017

Chris Davidge hits the rock garden
Chris Davidge hits the rock garden

Start time

Thursday evenings


Rego from 5:30pm with racing at 5:45pm.  

Junior riders can compete in the seniors event.


Rego from 6:30pm with racing at 6:45pm.  

All races are between 30 and 60 minutes.


The Baco Trails, off Daws Road in the Walmer State Forest.

Dirt Crits HQ is on Boundary Track, on the South side of the Walmer State Forest.

If you are driving, drive along Daws Road to Boundary Road west (adjacent to Sawmill Road) and enter from the north-western corner of the forest. 

We'll have signs up to help you find your way.

Riders line up for the start
Riders line up for the start

The course

The course is approx 1km for juniors and 4kms for seniors and is beginner friendly.

If you have a well-serviced mountain bike, basic bike skills and basic fitness you'll be just fine. 

Al Farley in fine form

Race format

Races will be 20 to 30 mins for juniors, and 30 to 60 minutes for seniors.

The season will include two ITTs (Individual Time Trials) to seed riders for the handicap races in the series. The remaining 8 races in the series will be handicapped events.

Series points

Each rider is awarded 1 point for entering and 1 point for every rider that they finish ahead of. Eg. First place in a race of 20 riders will get 1 point for entering + 9 points for the 19 riders they finished ahead of.

DNFs get 1 point.

Your best 7 results (including up to 1 ITT) count towards your points tally, so if you can't get to every round you still have a chance of winning. The rider with the highest points tally wins.

You'll be given a race plate at your first race, and you'll need to bring them to each race. Forgetting race plates incurs a 2 point penalty.

Race cancellation and bulletins

Races will be cancelled on days of extreme fire danger/weather. Cancellations will be posted on Facebook by 4pm on race day.