Al Gribble rider profile

Name - Al Gribble

Profession - Teacher at the Coastal School for Student Leadership

Uphill or Downhill? Definantely uphill for sure. I am a bit of a wuss on the downhills and Courtney is sick of buying me new helmets (recently bought my 4th helmet in about 1 year)

Most epic day on a bike? 24 hour races always epic, the mud at the Garmin 24 was pretty brutal but in terms of epicness it would have to be one of Dave Whyte’s death marches through the famed “pipeline” and “bastard hill tracks” in East Gippsland. Mainly epic because he tells you the ride will be about 2 hours yet 7 hours later you crawl home after only consuming 2 muesli bars.

I’m currently riding… Good points and bad points. – A Niner SIR Single Speed. 32-20 gearing.
Good Points: Bottom bracket does not creak or move. Servicing the bike is very easy and more riding and less fixing things. Also, the steel reynolds 583 tubing makes for a comfy ride and is very light for steel.
Bad Points: When you get tired having only 1 gear doesn’t help much. People think you’ve escaped from the psychiatric ward because your on a SS, which is probably true but the stereotype is not fair for the other SS riders out there.

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine) – Rotorua, NZ. Mt Stromlo, Canberra, Forrest

If I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be… Probably adventure racing.

One day I’ll ride… The Colorado Trail Race, Ride the Divide (Banff to Mexico), The A-Line at Jubberland.

When I head out for a ride I never leave without… My Rocky Riders jersey.

My race highlight – Training and racing in 24hour races without getting injured.