Andrew Bos - rider profile

Name – Andrew Bos

Profession – Architect

Uphill or Downhill? No preference. I’ve fallen off on both.

Most epic day on a bike? 2009 Otway Odyssey. I’ve run a marathon and this race made running 42km seem like a walk to the shops.

I’m currently riding… Good points and bad points. Just purchased a Giant Anthem X Advanced. Can’t find a bad thing to say about it. My previous bike was set up more for racing and was not particularly well suited to my less than graceful riding style. The Giant climbs better, descends better, corners better, is more forgiving and feels like a more robust bike. If there is a downside it’s that it sometimes gives me a false sense of security…and with my track record that’s the last thing I need!

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine) - Rode most of the trails up at Mt Buller recently and had a blast. The descent from Mt Stirling on Stonefly was possibly the best 10 minutes I’ve spent on a mountain bike. Oh and If you happen to be up there with Ben Bailey don’t listen to him when he says “Wow! Check out the view!”. One of the first mtb tips I received was to look ahead to where I want to ride rather than at the ground immediately in front of me. When you’re on the side of a mountain at 1500m above sea level the “view” is not the place you want to be pointing your bike!

If I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be… running still. But my knees would’ve probably given up by now.

One day I’ll ride… and not fall off.

When I head out for a ride I never leave without… my GPS. My obsession with maps is a bit worrying.

My race highlight - 2009 Otway Odyssey. Being new to the mountain bike scene I was rapt just to finish.