Grant Schuster - Rider profile

Name – Grant Schuster

Profession – There have been a few – take your pick – physicist, sustainability guru, risk manager, bureaucrat

Uphill or Downhill? – Tough call. Uphill in terms of the one I think I’m better at – nothing’s better than a good slog to get the heart pumping. But downhill for the thrills – the more air time the better.

Most epic day on a bike? – Probably the face plant at the You Yangs would take the cake. It was one of those downhill moments where I was going for air time on a track that I wasn’t too familiar with and with a blind horizon line. Luckily its never far back to the car at the Youies.

I’m currently riding… Good points and bad points – A Santa Cruz Superlight with a random mixture of components that I’ve added to over the years. Good points are that it can handle the abuse I through at it (I’m not gentle on equipment) and soaks up the landings and bumps in comfort compared to the good old days of riding a hard tail. Bad point is that the fork is too large for the frame and the front feels a bit too high (I really should get a 4 inch fork one day).

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine) – I reckon you can’t go past the You Yangs with its mixture of tracks for a good day out. And despite its proximity to Melbourne, I’ve never really found it overly busy.

If I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be… waiting for rain or snow to go white water kayaking or skiing. You can’t beat MTBing for a sport that is highly weather independent and doesn’t always come with a 1000kms of driving.

One day I’ll ride… in New Zealand, both North and South islands. I’ve heard great things and will get there one day. Then again, the kayaking is great there too, so its a hard call which equipment to take.

When I head out for a ride I never leave without… a chain breaker! Since breaking my chain out in Forrest and realising how stuck I would have been if it wasn’t for someone carrying one, I now always take it.

My race highlight – stacking right in front of the timing tent on a 6 hour enduro at the You Yangs. It is highly unlikely that I get a mention from the commentator due to my speed, so this was an effective way to get the commentator to mention me!