Martin Dzioba - Rider profile

Name – Martin Dzioba

Profession – I'd like to think I’m a jack of all trades, master of none.

Uphill or Downhill? I know everyone can ride down hills at various speeds, but I get a bit of a kick when I hear the challenge “drop it back” meaning there is about to be a serious incline to have a crack at. I will not rest until I’m up.

Most epic day on a bike? That’s a hard one, but to think back, id have to say the it would have been the 2003 Great Victorian Bike Ride from Mt. Hotham to Mornington over 9 days with Darren Kruger and Justin Chapman. Larry lactate & chafing. Nasty.

I’m currently riding… I’m on a Giant Anthem X, and I’m realizing quite quickly that this bike has become like the Commodore, or should I say Commondore, everyone’s got one.

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine). Now that I’m on the Central Coast NSW, two pearla tracks are the Orimbah MTB park and the AWABA MTB park in the Hunter valley. Both are sensational, fast tracks, but way overridden by gumbies.

If I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be… Again, living on the Coast, every man and his dog are down in the surf, so if I was not in the mtb scene, id be having a crack in the water.

One day I’ll ride… Jason and I have been talking about it for years and years and years – New Zealand!

When I head out for a ride I never leave without… Just like carrying a spare tyre around in your car for years and years without using it, im running the same mentality at the moment, I know it’s a fine line, but im fully reliant on my tubeless tyres and stans to get me through. The day I fail at this, is the day ill revert back to carrying all the essential bike repair items.

My race highlight - Finishing Wildside MTB in 2006, and riding back through the crowd, riding my bike in reverse (sitting on the handlebars and peddling backward) all whilst I’ve got a Smirnoff can in one hand sipping away as I’m riding and reminiscing on the fun times had.