Rider Profile - Jeremy Ryan

Jeremy at Bright
Buddha-hood trail, Bright

Name ... Jeremy Ryan

Profession ... Carpenter/Builder.  My interest in MTB helped develop a family business Off RoadCycling Adventures or ORCA. I was fortunate enough to teach outdoor education on mountain bikes for about seven years. We also ran MTB training camps for adults in the  '90s and early 2000's It was a great fun way to earn a living.

Uphill or Downhill? Definitely both. It's always a challenge to get fitter for climbing and to use the brakes less on the way back down. Descending Gully Run at the Cloverleaf is a real buzz and reminds me why I ride. 

Most epic day on a bike?  
There've been a few close calls getting stuck out longer than I'd imagined I might.  Climbing hours from Missoula Montana USA in Autumn.  Arriving at a peak with patches of snow, the sun was fairly low on the horizon we really should've ridden back but chose to continue the planed loop.  The further we rode, the more trees were down across the trail, slowing progress.  We descended along a cliff edge above a snow speckled gully before running out of light on single track in the valley of a forest park.  There was no food left and the trail was almost impossible to see. The potential for accident or hypothermia was very real.  Fortunately the moon rose and provided enough light to get out of the forest onto road and home by 2:00 am after about fourteen hours riding. 

I'm currently riding… 
2016 Scott Spark 730 my first dual suspension bike.

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine)
 -  Bright (Buddha-hood, Tombstone, Hero trails);  Howqua river trail from the back of Mt Stirling to Sheepyard Flat;  Byers back track between Blackwood and the Lerderderg gorge is good fun too.  Forrest in the Otways have a great trail network that's marked and the trailhead is next to the local micro brewery. I look forward to sampling the Yackandandah trails and the network at the You Yangs soon. 

If I wasn't mountain biking I'd be...
 Telemark skiing in powder snow. 

One day I'll ride...
 Harcourt trail park;  Moab Slick Rock;  New Zealand single track;  a gearbox bike;  a long travel trail bike.

What is in your backpack?  
Water, banana, multi tool, chain breaker, spare quick link, pump, tube, wind breaker jacket.  Credit card and coffee/ snack cash.  Mobile phone if solo.