Rider Profile - Justin Ferguson

Justin Ferguson in race mode
Justin Ferguson in race mode

Name – Justin Ferguson

Profession - Builder of sorts

Uphill or Downhill? What goes up must come downhill

Most epic day on a bike?  The first day I learnt to ride 2 wheels 35 Years ago. It took all day.

I'm currently riding … 2014 Giant Trance

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine) - Bright ... the beer is good too.

If I wasn't mountain biking I'd be ... Thinking of getting fit, or eating my way to a healthy state

One day I'll ride ... At the front of the Wednesday night shop ride

When I head out for a ride I never leave without ... Nurofen, for when the trail fairy’s send me over the bars.

My race highlight? 2017 Golden Triangle Epic (I finished, just!)