Rider Profile - Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall in action at the Brackenbury Challenge

Name – Daniel Hall
Profession - High school
Uphill or Downhill? I go hard on the downhills and catch my breath back on the uphills, if that makes any sense.
Most epic day on a bike? The opening day of Harcourt mountain bike park.
I'm currently riding … An Intense Spider FRO 26
Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine) - I don't know if Harcourt counts as other than Castlemaine, but if not then Red Hill would be it.
If I wasn't mountain biking I'd be ... Playing soccer and futsal a lot more.
One day I'll ride ... Rotorua.
When I head out for a ride I never leave without ... My phone and my multitool.
My race lowlight? At the super muddy Brackenbury Challenge I slid out on the CX course and crashed [very embarrassing].
What is in your backpack? I always have one spare tube, my phone, some snacks, puncture repair kit and a handpump.