Walmer Forest trailhead

Proposed trailhead design

Bubbling away in the background over the past two years has been a project to formalise the mountain bike trails in the Walmer State Forest (aka Baco trails). Part of this plan is the redevelopment of the pine forest area just off Daltons Road. DELWP are proposing to establish a campground, picnic area and toilet block in this area. This will provide a decent trail head for the trail network.

You can view the details of the proposal (PA234/2021) here: https://planning.mountalexander.vic.gov.au/.../main.aspx... The redevelopment of the pine forest area is currently under consideration by Mount Alexander Shire Council. It would be great for the Council to hear voices of support from within the local biking community.

Submissions can be made to Council via email: info@mountalexander.vic.gov.au Submissions must be received prior to 12 October.

Some points that you may like to highlight include:- the increasing popularity of mountain biking in the region- the current investment in bike trails such as La Larr Ba Gauwa and the Castlemaine to Maldon rail trail- the mental and physical benefits of mountain biking- the flow on benefits to local businesses